Cyrvana comprises of a team of professionals that have between 5 and 18+ years of Cybersecurity experience serving clients (both large and small) in various domains. A core philosophy of Cyrvana is to approach any engagement with three primary considerations – enable and drive innovation, long term orientation, better client service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to effectively manage cyber risk of businesses through our unique approach, diverse skills, and unwavering focus on business value creation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the partner of choice to catalyze business growth through effective cyber risk management

Core Values

All our services are aligned to the core values – customer focus, enable innovation, and long-term orientation.

Our Approach

We follow and adopt the philosophy that a Cybersecurity program’s sole focus should be to reduce the probability of material impact to the business.

Our Values and Focus

Bespoke solutions aligned to customer’s vision.

Customer problems and challenges are unique. We always make sure that our solutions are tailored to align with client needs and more importantly aligned to their strategic objectives. We achieve this by bringing in the insights and observations encountered with other customers, but most importantly understand what the business wants.

Keeping people at the center of the engagement to enable innovation.

Irrespective of customer, our solution approach always puts people at the center and rest will follow. We have experienced first hand that this will drive change faster and nurture innovation that has become an essential element in today’s digital world.

Managing and communicating risk.

With all the innovation occuring at the speed of light, organizations are grappling to alleviate risk to the required level. Cyrvana has served clients in defining their risk appetite and prioritizing areas to be addressed based on what is important for the customer.

Let’s build a secure future together.