Cybersecurity Consulting

Cyrvana helps small and medium organizations move closer to what we define as a “Cyber Nirvana” through the following cybersecurity offerings:

Virtual CISO

Virtual CISO is an offering that fills the gap for organization that do not have a dedicated CISO for various reasons. Cyrvana group has leaders with the breadth and depth of knowledge and prior CISO experience necessary to address these strategic concerns.

Compliance Services

Our compliance services cater to a wide range of compliance and regulatory needs for customers. Cyrvana makes sure that the compliance gap action plan blends into the cybersecurity strategy while aligned to the overall business goal.

Staff Reinforcement

Retaining skilled and talented employees is a constant challenge along with keeping up with rapidly evolving project needs due to digital transformation initiatives. Cyrvana has the brain power to augment and reinforce your information technology and cybersecurity talent needs.