28th January is Data Privacy Day.

The goal of this yearly initiative has always been to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. The history of a data privacy day goes back to 2006. Check this portal if you are interested in learning more on its inception. In this post we summarize a few key activities that we all can take up and increase privacy awareness.

Let’s start with some fun stuff!

#1 Watch A Movie

Even if you are not a privacy professional but a movie buff, there’s no dearth of privacy movies.

Below are few that are recent and cover timely and critical topics on privacy. The following list comprises of all documentaries.

There are some old classics that are worth a re-watch. Checkout the list below that are non-documentaries.

…add them to your watchlist and get going.

#2 Get Involved

There are a myriad ways to get involved in privacy this week and beyond. The National Cybersecurity Alliance provides a comprehensive list of activities to get involved in privacy irrespective of who you are and where you are. Here’s a webinar on how to get involved.

  • Become a data privacy day champion.
  • IAPP publishes a privacy superhero cartoon – “Prudence the Privacy Pro” that highlights privacy issues. Select one or more to print and post it in your premises or share it digitally. Below is our favorite one that’s always trending!

Source: IAPP.org

#3 Read A Book

There are some great novels on privacy and Daniel Solove has compiled a list of a top five. Listed below are three books that describe the current state of affairs in the privacy world and why privacy matters.

#4 Attend Events

#5 Get Trained

Setting a goal to get you/your team trained in Privacy is a step in the right direction.

  • Many organizations offer classes on data privacy, compliance, and cybersecurity. Some of them are offered for free. Checkout – CourseraedX, and Oxford University/OpenMined’s privacy courses
  • We at Cyrvana offer privacy training either to help you get certified, increase awareness, or cater a customized training that fits your team/business needs. You can get started here

Let us know how your privacy week goes and use the hashtag #PrivacyAware, #DataPrivacyDay, #Cyrvana on social media sites.