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Cyrvana’s mission is to assist small and medium-sized businesses manage their cyber risk effectively and efficiently through our unique mix of expertise, services, methodologies, and partnerships that will realize a modern, future ready, secure, and compliant enterprise.

To assist small & medium enterprises, our services are broadly categorized into three areas

Cybersecurity & Privacy Consulting

Organizations of all sizes are experiencing a continuous increase in their cybersecurity and privacy requirements. Cyrvana specializes in creating tailored solutions that are aligned with the unique objectives of each client and their specific threats.

Cybersecurity & Privacy Training

With people at the center, upskilling, reskilling, and cross-skilling have become commonplace requirements. Cyrvana provides training packages that are thoughtfully curated to assist organizations in cultivating talent that will contribute to build a better secure future.

Transformation Consulting

Global transformation is taking place at all levels. Cyrvana offers services to prepare clients for a brighter future. Our driving force and passion for creating a better world is fueled by your transformation objectives.

Partnerships & Alliances


Reach out to us for any cybersecurity, privacy, and risk management concerns.

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