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Cyrvana’s mission is to assist small and medium-sized businesses manage their cyber risk effectively and efficiently through our unique mix of expertise, services, methodologies, and partnerships that will realize a modern, future ready, secure, and compliant enterprise.

To assist small & medium enterprises, our services are broadly categorized into three areas

Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity needs are only growing for organizations of all sizes, more so for small and medium businesses. Cyrvana works with customers to develop bespoke solutions that align with the customer goals while accounting for the threats specific to each customer’s landscape.

Cybersecurity & Privacy Training

With people at the center, upskilling, reskilling and cross skilling has become a mundane necessity. Cyrvana offers a core set of trainings that are carefully selected to help organizations develop talent to build a better secure future.

Transformation Consulting

Transformation at all levels is underway globally. Cyrvana advises customers to plan for a better future and account for all the blindspots that are otherwise overlooked. Your transformation goals are our drive and passion to create a better world.

Partnerships & Alliances


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